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Hello Cup Low Cervix is a TPE menstrual cup. Unlike the regular Hello Cup, the Hello Low Cervix Cup does not have a toggle at the base. This is because people with a low cervix have a shorter vaginal canal, so they may find the toggle exposed, or uncomfortable. Instead, Hello Low Cervix Cups have a rounded base which is thickened – allowing for easy removal.

Who is The Hello Cup good for? The Hello Cup is a rimless cup in a sport firmness made from TPE. TPE warms to the body's temperature and molds to your shape for a more custom fit than silicone.
The Hello Cup recommends the "punch down fold" to insert their cup.
Picking a SizeVaginal cup, period cup, menstrual cup, fannie cup! Whatever you call it, the Hello Cup is a great choice.
While working out what size you are can be tricky, the below info is a good starting point.
The Hello Cup Low Cervix comes in two sizes S/M (small/medium) and L (large or ‘lovely’).
Our S/M is our ‘one size fits most’ menstrual cup. We recommend it for users under 35 – regardless of whether they have had children or not.
Our L is best for those over 35 who feel it’s a bit more roomy up there (possibly thanks to pushing out a small human or two). It’s worth noting that we find physically fit people are often best suited to the S/M regardless of age. Sometimes finding the best size for you can be a bit of trial and error.
Size S/M
Length Diameter Volume
43mm 41mm 21mL
Size L
Length Diameter Volume
49mm 45mm 28mL
Additional Information Hello Cups are shipped from our Warehouse in SC. Due to the nature of the product all sales are final and we cannot accept returns or offer refunds.
HSA/FSA Eligible This product is eligible for purchase using your HSA/FSA card or for reimbursement with your HSA/FSA plan under the CARES Act. See our FAQ for more on how to purchase your menstrual products with HSA/FSA.
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