How to Use Menstrual Discs - Insertion, Removal, and Tips for Success

How to Use Menstrual Discs - Insertion, Removal, and Tips for Success

As a newer product there are a lot of questions out there about how to use menstrual discs. The good news? Menstrual discs can be a lot easier to insert and use than the menstrual cup. Menstrual cups and discs both insert into the vaginal opening and collect blood but that is about where their similarities end. 

How a Menstrual Disc Works

Reusable menstrual discs fold lengthwise as narrow as a tampon.

menstrual disc and tampon size comparison

They insert into the vaginal canal and rest below the cervix in a larger area called the vaginal fornix. Discs can be a great option if your cervix is on the lower side, if you have an IUD, or if you want an option to have mess-free period sex. Since menstrual discs do not create a vacuum suction they can be easier to remove than menstrual cups for people with disabilities or hand strength issues.


For folks with a larger body size who find access limited to reach higher in the vaginal canal the Hello Disc was specifically designed to be easier to remove, grab by a loop with a single finger, and easier to access by wearing the tab in a way that suits your body.

How to Insert a Menstrual Disc

Every menstrual disc is folded in the same way - squeeze the sides together lengthwise to create a long and tapered shape that resembles a figure 8. 


Insert with the open bowl portion facing up towards you. Pay special attention to the brand of disc you're using. Some brands, such as Hello Disc, Flex Disc Reusable, Ziggy Cup, Cora Disc, Saalt Disc, and Lumma Disc will need to insert in a specific direction. Removal notches, strings, and tabs enter the body last.

angle to insert menstrual disc

Direct the menstrual disc towards your tailbone while inserting. This helps the disc tuck securely underneath the cervix.

Once you have inserted your disc as far as it will go, use a finger or thumb to tuck the front rim of your disc up as high as you can.

Find a full length step-by step how to insert a menstrual disc guide from Period Nirvana.

How to Remove a Menstrual Disc

Some menstrual disc brands can be messier to remove than others. Discs without removal aids like Nixit Cup, Flex Disc Reusable, or Ziggy Cup will remove by pinching the front rim or by hooking the from rim with a finger. Both methods can result in blood spilling out during the removal process.

remove nixit cup

💡 Try emptying your menstrual disc for the first time on your period in the shower - this gives you peace of mind about any accidental spills while you're learning.

Menstrual disc brands that are no-mess or less messy to remove because of their design will include Hello Disc (a double loop removal tab), Lumma Disc (a removal string) and Saalt Disc or Cora Disc (removal notches.) Use a finger to pull your Hello Disc out by the loop, or pull the Saalt Disc/Cora Disc out by the notch. Pinch the Lumma Disc string between your finger and thumb and pull down. 

While removing any menstrual disc there is always a risk that some blood may make contact with your fingers. With practice and/or by using brands that offer removal aids you can greatly reduce or even eliminate messy menstrual disc removals. You can see various removal demonstrations in the Hello Disc review, including a blurred real removal video.

Tips to Succeed With Your Menstrual Disc

Select a menstrual disc that is most likely compatible with your body's needs. Try the menstrual disc quiz on Period Nirvana (with cups as results also.) Virtually all menstrual discs hold more than menstrual cups making them ideal for people with heavy periods. 

menstrual disc brands on cora disc hello disc lumma disc saalt disc

Menstrual discs are also "one-size-fits-most" meaning that the size "One Size" or "Large" discs available are often your best size match. If your cervix is very low or you've tried a larger disc and experienced fit issues some brands offer a smaller diameter disc including Saalt Disc, Ziggy Cup, and Lumma Disc. Period Nirvana offers a video guide on how to find your menstrual disc size.

If you have a high cervix you will want a brand that offers a longer retrieval stem that drops down lower in the vaginal canal. Hello Disc and Lumma Disc are both designed for a high cervix.

Now sure if your cervix is high, average, or low? Find a How to Measure Your Cervix Guide on Period Nirvana.

Menstrual Discs are quickly gaining in popularity and the customer reviews on Period.Shop are glowing. Hello Disc, Cora Disc, and Saalt Disc all have a current 5 Star Rating. As an easier to use period product that most find more comfortable than pads or tampons, menstrual discs are the new product of choice and a top seller. Find the best menstrual disc brands in stock from Period.Shop.

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