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New Brand Alert- Lena Cup.

2021 will see many new brands and lines added to Period.Shop. The first to stock is Lena Cup.  Lena Cup began in 2016, at a time when menstrual cups were becoming more popular but were still relatively unknown in the mainstream. At that time I was excited by the new brand and, after trying Lena, found it to be a great first-time user cup with a comfortable design and stylish, eco-friendly packaging.   "Living in harmony with nature and with my own body has long been at the heart of my life – instinctively, I have always been searching for and choosing healthy ways of being and consuming. Years ago, when I started to use a menstrual cup I was amazed...

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Saalt Menstrual Cup Quiz: Which Saalt Cup is best for you?

Saalt offers a robust line of menstrual cups that fit most people. Their original Saalt Cup is great for the first-time user and their Saalt Soft works best for those who experience bladder sensitivity or who are just generally sensitive in nature. Now, with their new Saalt Teen, they have a petite cup that not only works for first-time younger cup users, but also for anyone who just feels they need a more petite cup. Shop All Saalt Products Not sure which Saalt Cup is right for you? Take our Saalt Cup quiz. If a Saalt Cup product won't meet your needs Period.Shop's quiz will even let you know and direct you to the more robust menstrual cup quiz from...

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