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Tax Free Periods

Over at we've been closely watching the status of various laws that will remove state 'tampon taxes.' Menstruation is not a choice, not a sexual activity, and having good choices to manage menstruation provides for healthy and productive living. Despite this health need, 27 US states have not exempted menstrual products from state sales and use taxes. That's down 3 states from the last time we wrote about the state of tampon tax in the US, showing some momentum in repealing this tax nationwide. Unfortunately, the South Carolina bill remains in Committee for both the House and Senate. With my warehouse located in SC, I've reached out to the bill sponsors to seek progress on behalf of my customers. ...

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Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable - New to Period.Shop

As part of our continued mission to provide customers with quality reusable menstrual products we are excited to bring Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable to Period.Shop.  For our curated selection Period.Shop brands must meet at least one of our core standards. Flex Cup and Flex Disc each offer a product that fills a need for menstruators not covered by other products we carry. Flex Cup has been a Period Nirvana quiz result since we launched in 2020. The patented removal tab is an innovative design that helps many users who would otherwise struggle to remove traditional menstrual cups. The adjustable length longer stem also makes Flex Cup a great option for our customers with a high cervix. You can...

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Hello Disc Pre-Orders

For the customers still waiting on their pre-orders from Period.Shop for Hello Disc™. If you order has not yet shipped it will be going out this week. Many orders left on Friday, May 13 on the same day that our shipment arrived to the warehouse.   Period.Shop has two simultaneous rounds of pre-order shipping happening - one station is packing single Hello Disc orders, one is packing multiple item orders - but the singles are going at a faster pace. While we are working in chronological order from oldest orders to newest, the single Hello Disc orders are outpacing the speed of shipping our multiple item orders. All pre-orders will be going out in a timely manner and the team is working...

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