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Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable - New to Period.Shop

As part of our continued mission to provide customers with quality reusable menstrual products we are excited to bring Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable to Period.Shop.  For our curated selection Period.Shop brands must meet at least one of our core standards. Flex Cup and Flex Disc each offer a product that fills a need for menstruators not covered by other products we carry. Flex Cup has been a Period Nirvana quiz result since we launched in 2020. The patented removal tab is an innovative design that helps many users who would otherwise struggle to remove traditional menstrual cups. The adjustable length longer stem also makes Flex Cup a great option for our customers with a high cervix. You can...

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Hello Disc SOLD OUT: What Happens Next

  For the customers still waiting on their pre-orders from Period.Shop for Hello Disc™. Your order will ship as soon as the last of our first order from New Zealand arrives (it is currently stuck in LA.) UPDATE: We have received our last shipment and are packing pre-orders this week! We had a very small number of Hello Discs leftover once we took stock of what is committed for pre-orders but those are selling quickly and won't last through the week. Once these sell out we will once again open up for pre-orders for our next batch of Hello Discs expected to arrive in May. To our customers who plan to order a Hello Disc™️, we are going to take...

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Period.Shop Pre-Order FAQ

Here is what you should know about placing a pre-order at Period.Shop. Q: When will I be charged? A: You will be charged when you make your order.   Q: Can I add in-stock items to my pre-order? A: If you add 1 or more in-stock items from our store to your order that includes a pre-order we will not ship anything until all items are in our warehouse. We can not split your order to ship in-stock items now and pre-order items later when they arrive.    Q: When will my order ship? A: Exact dates of shipment are not known at this time but our current pre-orders aim to ship mid May. Our next order of Hello Discs is already...

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Ohnut - The Stretchy and Comfortable Buffer

By popular demand you can now buy Ohnut custom penetration rings at Period.Shop. These stretchy and soft rings act as a way to keep intimacy comfortable for both partners. Sometimes penetration can be painful; Ohnut helps couples with a customizable depth control.  Each Ohnut pack includes 4 stackable rings and a storage pouch. Since Ohnuts come in two sizes you will want to reference this size guide.  Sizing Recommendations: Classic Ohnut width stretches to 8in (20.3cm), and the unstretched height of 4 rings is 2¾in (7cm) tall Made of a body-safe polymer. BPA-, phthalate-, silicone-, and latex-free Wider Ohnut 15% wider than Classic and stretches up to 50% more.  IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT SIZE, BUT SOMETIMES IT IS. Think about the...

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