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Period.Shop's Shipping Changes

After nearly one full year of business, Period.Shop has grown considerably. I’m grateful to see that hard work has paid off. We’ve shipped thousands of orders to customers in the US. When I started the shop my idea was to bring the best brands under one physical roof. For the first time ever, customers in the US would be able to buy their favorite brands from one location and trust the products because they’ve been vetted by an expert.  We made the decision early on that to compete with Amazon and brands our shipping should be free over $35. At the time we were hoping to scale up enough that this made financial sense, and hoped more people would buy their...

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Fun Factory's Fun Cup Is Now Available at Period.Shop

Get excited, we have a new cup alert! Period.Shop is proud to share that we now offer the Fun Cup from Fun Factory. A Menstrual Cup Kit That's Fit For Your Needs The Fun Cup's design is ergonomically-shaped to provide a gentle curve to match your internal body shape. It comes in two sizes, Size A and Size B. Here at Period.Shop, we have decided to offer their bundle Explore Kit so that every customer can determine which size is best for them. Some people may even find that they like both at different times in their cycle! The ergonomic shape means a more intuitive insertion - many users find curved cups are easier to use for this reason.  The...

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