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Leia Menstrual Cup | New Brand Designed by an OB/GYN

Period.Shop is excited to add new menstrual cup brand to our curated product selection. Leia Cup offers 3 size options and is specifically designed by an OB/GYN to work for those with weak pelvic floor muscles or those with a low cervix. Low cervix cups can be hard to find and with the stems trimmed, the Leia Cup design should fit most who find average cups are too long to comfortably wear. For our listing we relied on the brand's measurements. The body and total length of the cup are measured from the longest side of the cup's rim. The cup will, in practice, fit like a cup with a slightly smaller length measurement due to the asymmetrical rim design. As...

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New Product Alert: Hello Pad | Tumble Dry Safe Cloth Pads

Period.Shop is excited to share the newest product arrival - Hello Pad - the reusable menstrual pad that is washing machine and tumble dry safe. Say goodbye to wasteful and uncomfortable disposable pads and embrace a sustainable and comfortable period experience with Hello Pad. Hello Pad's design allows it to be washed and dried making it a convenient period option that's sustainable and saves money on pads each month. How to Wash Hello Pads: After use, give them a quick cold rinse until the water runs clear, then toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry on a delicate cycle below 40°C/105°F. Use your ordinary washing powder or liquid. Do not bleach, use fabric conditioner or antibacterial sprays...

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Tips for Removing Stains on Your Menstrual Cup or Menstrual Disc

Let's face it - your period blood is eventually going to stain your menstrual cup or disc after months or years of use. Don't worry - a stained product is still completely safe to use but as the hue changes it might start to look less appealing. Menstrual cup stains are caused by the iron content in your blood; some people can use a product for years without stains while others use the same product and find it stained within a month. The color and texture of your product will also effect how quickly stains show. Stains are not a sign that something is wrong with you or the product. Stains are also not an indication that poor hygiene is to...

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End of Year Sale - Free Shipping and 10% Storewide

Need to fill your own stocking? These won't make it by Christmas but as long as they make it before your next period you're golden.   Shop All Products Eligible For Free Shipping Period.Shop is offering a special holiday 10% off coupon code valid on all in stock items. Use code FILLTHESTOCKING at checkout. PLUS get FREE SHIPPING when you put any Saalt Cups, Saalt Discs, Saalt Wear, AllMatters Cup, Flex Cup, Flex Disc, Lumma Cup, or Cora Disc products in your cart.    Visit our Free Shipping page to see which products are eligible. This promotion is limited and only runs through 12/31. Need even more reasons to shop for yourself before 2023? If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) now is the...

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Tax Free Periods

Over at we've been closely watching the status of various laws that will remove state 'tampon taxes.' Menstruation is not a choice, not a sexual activity, and having good choices to manage menstruation provides for healthy and productive living. Despite this health need, 27 US states have not exempted menstrual products from state sales and use taxes. That's down 3 states from the last time we wrote about the state of tampon tax in the US, showing some momentum in repealing this tax nationwide. Unfortunately, the South Carolina bill remains in Committee for both the House and Senate. With my warehouse located in SC, I've reached out to the bill sponsors to seek progress on behalf of my customers. ...

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