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La Cup

La Cup - Menstrual Cup

La Cup - Menstrual Cup

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La Cup Luneale is the only Cup with MoonPad®, a patented pre-pinched area with additional grip to make removal easy even without a stem. Available in 3 sizes option for a tailored fit.

La Cup Benefits 

  • Premium finish with zero defect guarantee
  • Stemless design for comfort
  •  Unique slanted base grips
  • 100% medical grade platinum silicone 

Your purchase includes: One La Cup, paper instruction booklet, and storage bag.

Manufacturing and Materials La Cups by Luneale are made of medical grade platinum silicone. The La cup
is BPA, phthalate, dioxin, and latex-free

Who is the La Cup good for- Sizing Guide and Size Chart

Size S : capacity 20ml | Low to medium flow
If at the height of your flow you wear normal tampons or you can keep your pad more than 6 hours. Diameter: 40mm - Height 50mm

Size M : capacity 25ml | Medium to strong flow
If at the height of your flow you wear super tampons or you can keep your pad between 3 and 6 hours. Diameter: 43mm - Height 52mm

Size L : capacity 30ml | Strong to very strong flow
If at the height of your flow you wear superplus tampons or you can keep your pad less than 3 hours. Diameter: 46mm - Height 51.5m


La Cup Size Chart
La Cup Small Dimensions
Rim Diameter 40 mm
Length  50 mm
Capacity 20 ml
2.5 / 5
La Cup Medium Dimensions
Rim Diameter 43 mm
Length 52 mm
Capacity 25 ml
2.5 / 5
La Cup Large Dimensions
Rim Diameter 46 mm
Length  52 mm
Capacity 30 ml
2.5 / 5

You can sort cups by measurement on the Period Nirvana Menstrual Cup Chart.  Period.Shop self-rates products on a 1-5 Firmness Scale with 1 being "softest" and 5 being "firmest." 

HSA/FSA Eligible

This product is eligible for purchase using your HSA/FSA card or for reimbursement with your HSA/FSA plan under the CARES Act. See our FAQ for more on how to purchase your menstrual products with HSA/FSA.

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Return Policy

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We can replace items if they are defective or damaged at arrival. We can replace items if you were sent the wrong product, wrong product size, or wrong product color than the product you ordered.

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