Shipping FAQ

Where does Period.Shop Ship to?

Period.Shop only ships to US addresses - this includes APO addresses and Puerto Rico. USPS does seem to have issues shipping some of our Puerto Rico packages so please keep this in mind. If your order returns to sender we will contact you for a refund or another shipping address.

Why does Period.Shop not ship to Canada?

Reusable menstrual products are classified as medical devices by Health Canada. Each brand of menstrual cup and disc must be approved by Health Canada in order to be sold to residents. Only a small number of the brands we carry are registered with Health Canada. Many smaller companies can either not afford to pursue registration, are not finished with this process yet (it can take several years), or have simply decided not to sell their item in Canada due to the aforementioned issues. For Canadians who want to purchase reusable period products the best route is to look for the brands registered with Health Canada and buy from their website or a Canadian retailer. Be advised that some brands are illegally selling via Amazon and other retailers and your items could be seized at the border if reviewed. We understand this is not ideal considering how many needs are not met by the products approved for sale in Canada and sympathize with the severe drought of cups and discs for our neighbors to the North. Some Canadians are able to order products to family or friends and receive them over a visit. Hopefully in time the options will continue to expand and more brands will be approved. We cannot make exceptions for any customers.

Why Does Period.Shop not ship Worldwide?

Each country/region around the world has varying regulatory agencies and restrictions on reusable menstrual products. This is why you will find that the brands available per country vary. We cannot export all of our brands to every country, not to mention the postage for even a small item like a cup or disc can be extremely expensive to the consumer. Additionally, additional customs and surprise fees are common that can end up doubling or tripling the cost of an item. We believe that users will have the best experience buying from retailers in their country or from the brands available to them where they live. Since there are some specialty cup and disc designs that aren't available in every country this can be disappointing, however we are hopeful this changes in the future as brands expand their availability or new designs are made domestically in other countries to fill those needs.

How Long Does Shipping Take From Period.Shop?

Period.Shop ships every single weekday. If you place your order of an in-stock item Monday - Friday before 2 pm we almost always ship it same day via USPS First Class. If your order is placed after 2 pm it will ship the following weekday. If your order is placed after 2 pm on a Friday or on Saturday/Sunday or a Holiday your order will ship the next business day. USPS first class mail shipping takes 2-6 days in transit depending on your location. We ship from our warehouse in Rock Hill, SC.

Can I use a 3rd party mail forwarding service and buy from Period.Shop?

Many of our customers from outside of the US utilize 3rd party mail forwarding services with addresses in the US. We cannot always tell these are being used, however customers are using this service at their own risk and financial cost. We may cancel orders using 3rd party service at our discretion. Packages we mail to 3rd party mail services often come back as undeliverable. If you use a 3rd party mail forwarding service and your order is returned to us we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order minus the shipping charge. We also cannot be held responsible for any additional charges made by your 3rd party service or additional customs fees or shipping charges on your package. If our shipping team makes an error while shipping your order (it happens, we are humans) we will re-ship any missing items at our postage to the US address however those additional forwarding charges by the 3rd party service are not covered.

Can I upgrade my shipping method for faster shipping?

Period.Shop currently only ships using USPS Ground Advantage. This is because we ship so quickly - most of our orders arrive within 2-4 days when placed on a weekday. Other carriers cost significantly more despite the small and light size of most of our packages. We may expand to offer more shipping carriers and upgrades to our shipping options in the future.

Are Period.Shop items shipped discreetly? discreet packaging

Yes! We primarily ship orders in one of our three sized P logo cardboard boxes that we source from a local box manufacturer in Charlotte, NC. For very small items such as Spot or items that don't come in boxes we use plain bubble mailers. The only hint about the contents of your order is the small print "Period.Shop" as the sender on the USPS shipping label. 

What happens if my package is lost by USPS?

Period.Shop is not responsible for lost or stolen USPS packages which is why we now offer shipping insurance. USPS Ground Advantage does not include shipping insurance so only customers who add the optional shipping insurance are covered in case of lost or stolen packages. Opting out means we any lost in transit or stolen packages can not be replaced and the customer assumes that risk.

Period.Shop is also unable to track missing, lost, or mis-delivered orders and can only see the same tracking information you are provided. 

If Insured: Customers who insure their packages can receive a replacement if their order is confirmed as lost or stolen. Contact with your PS- order number to begin the claims process.

If not insured: If the order was not insured at the time of purchase we find that our customers have the best luck locating missing packages by calling their local USPS or inquiring with their local postal worker. Another option is to ask your local neighborhood groups since in many cases the item was delivered to an apartment, box, or home nearby. Finally, USPS offers a missing mail request form. We ask that customers work with USPS first to inquire about their package.