About Period.Shop

Period.Shop was founded to help all menstruators achieve period nirvana. By focusing on matching users with the right menstrual cup or menstrual disc for their bodies, period flow, and lifestyle we are far more than just a shop - we are a service. We prioritize carrying product offerings from companies that are socially inclusive, ethically minded, and environmentally responsible. Every brand we carry has at least one of these qualities, many have two or more, and was hand selected because of the need it fills. 

About the Founder

In 2012 Kim Rosas (she/her) tried a menstrual cup for the first time hoping to find a more eco-friendly option for period care. It was a life changing switch and she immediately began advocating for cups through her YouTube and website channels. Kim has hosted workshops and spoken at events on reusable menstrual products in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Orlando, Copenhagen, Brooklyn, NYC, and more. In 2020 Kim built a new online platform that would have a companion menstrual products store. Period Nirvana is the education and advocacy arm that will produce high quality resources and videos. Period.Shop is the companion store. 


We are excited to provide menstruators a curated and tailored shopping experience in the reusable space that is long overdue.



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