5 Tips for First Time Period Cup Users

5 Tips for First Time Period Cup Users

Your brand new menstrual cup has arrived - now what?! it's an exciting time but you're probably a little bit nervous. That's totally understandable. Kim Rosas, expert on all things cups and discs, has 5 tips to make your first time go smoothly.


1: Sterilize your brand new menstrual cup or disc. You can do this by placing in a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Alternatively, use a cup steamer, a collapsible cup sterilizer, or if you lack water access rub the product with isopropyl alcohol wipes.

2: Do a dry run. Practice with your cup or disc before your period. For comfort, this is best done in combination with adding a menstrual cup safe lubricant to the rim. A dry run lets you practice different folds along with you own body's position. Try sitting, one leg on the toilet, squatting, or standing. Find new menstrual cup fold techniques to try if the ones in your instruction manual aren't quite working for you. 

3: Get your backup on. When your period arrives and it's your first cycle it's a wise idea to wear period underwear or liners - just in case. We don't want leaks to happen but they're definitely possible during the "learning curve." Until you know you've mastered the cup keep your back up on. Period underwear are the trimmest and easiest to use and their waterproof backing has your clothing protected. Aisle and Saalt Wear, two brands Period.Shop proudly carries, are both PFAS free.

4: Visualize your insides. If you understand where your vagina and cervix are it helps you "see" inside without a window. Use our many menstrual cup and menstrual disc videos for reference. Your cervix is at the top of the vaginal canal.

5: Relax. When it's time to remove your cup or disc being relaxed will make things a lot easier. If possible try removing in your shower the first time. This gives you peace of mind that, even if it's messy, it doesn't matter. Take a deep breath to help relax your pelvic muscles. For cups, be sure you break the suction the cup has created by pinching the body of the cup. For discs, try removing it as level as you can to prevent any spills. 

After a few cycles you will find things get much faster and easier. It might take a little longer than using pads or tampons but since cups and discs have a higher capacity they are worn longer. In the end, you're not only saving time but also money and waste!


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