Spot 3.0 - Meet the New and Improved Menstrual Cup Drying Rack

Spot 3.0 - Meet the New and Improved Menstrual Cup Drying Rack

The product you didn't know you wanted or even existed is back and better than ever. The Spot, a drying rack for menstrual cups and discs, is a small coaster sized object that is both adorable and functional. Sit it beside your sink to rest any brand of menstrual cup or disc while it dries as needed.

spots in bathroom

But wait, there's more! Use your Spot as a rest for other small items, too. Menstrual cup applicators, personal silicone devices, soap, beauty blenders, etc. The Spot doubles as a trivet or coaster. To clean Spot, throw it in your dishwasher or hand wash and dry.

Spot is now available in our three original signature colors - Coral, Teal, and Purple. In addition we have a new color available - Galapogos - to match our Hello Disc Period Nirvana Exclusive.

@periodnirvana Spots are back - the useful/useless accessory for menstrual cup and disc drying. #cuptok #periodtok ♬ fishing for magikarp - demon gummies

The idea for Spot came about when I began planning out visuals and props for Period.Shop's photography. The first Spot was sculpted in soft clay. A mold was made (a total failure) so it was back to the drawing board. After a few attempts I made Spot 1.0 photo props in various colors. These were featured in our earliest 2020 Instagram photos when Period.Shop began.

Spot 1.0 2020

Comments poured in asking where that squiggly thing could be purchased. I re-designed the Spot and sculpted a new and larger version.

Spot 2.0 in Coral

The first batch of handmade Spots sold out in minutes. After several attempts to scale up the handmade production of products the demand was just too high to keep up with. Each and every stocking, no matter how large, sold out within a day or two. Spot even made an appearance as a special exclusive design to coordinate with the Diva Disc and those quickly sold out as well. It was clear that a new solution was needed. 

Diva Spot

Spot is our first custom manufactured product for Period.Shop. To begin, I made a new 3D model and "sculpted" Spot as faithfully as possible to my hand sculpted original in 3D space using an iPad.

That design was 3D printed to test out the size and shape - the first version was perfect! We considered several materials and options including mass 3D printing, however our custom colors couldn't be replicated this way and the costs were too high. Instead, we worked with Justin Bitar of Bitar Machine Design to turn the 3D design into a CAD design that would then be made into a steel tool.

steel tool cavity

Slight changes had to be made to the 3D model to work as an injection molded product. I had to adjust the curves to meet in various places so that the edges between curves weren't too narrow that the tool would break when the two halves of each plate met during production.

A steel tool was created and then samples were molded in each color. Once those looked great we moved forward with our new and improved Spot. The trajectory hit a snag on packaging but we are now so excited to finally have these fan favorites available and in stock! 

Spot menstrual cup drying racks

The hope is to one day open Spot orders to International customers since there have been so many requests. Spot is also available to retailers, send any inquiries to We hope you love our new and improved Spot as much as we do!
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