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What is Spot?

Spot is a handmade work of art for your bathroom counter. Use your spot to rest a wet menstrual cup, menstrual disc, toy, or even use it as a soap drainer.

Each spot is made from resin, hand cast, and finished by hand. Molded from an original sculpted clay squiggle to fit cups and discs, every spot will be slightly unique in the exact finish and shape. 

Spot comes in three signature Period.Shop colors. Keep in mind, due to the handmade nature of each item, there may be small imperfections and slight variations in color from the photographs. 

Signature Colors are a matte finish.

Sherbet Spots are made with the extra drippings from our signature color Spots. Each is unique and all Sherbet Spots are a glossy finish to better showcase their multi-color design. 

Since these items are handmade we will have only a small number available each stocking. Secondses and Sherbet tend to sell out quickly.

Note about Care:

The material used for our resin Spots allows for a small about of flex. If you receive a spot that doesn't lay flat it may be due to shipping. Run your Spot under warm water, lay on a flat surface, and place a heavy object on top. After a few hours it will be back to a flat state.

About Marble Spots

Marble Spots are made of the same material as our other Spots but mimic the look of natural marble. Each will be unique in their exact appearance.

About Smoky Spots

Smoky Spots are made of a glass-like clear resin that takes several days of curing. The Smoky Spots are designed to look like smoky quartz - some are pure grey and others have a slight reddish/brown undertone to the grey. 

About Secondses 

Sencondses: Second quality Spots are items that are just shy of meeting our first quality stocking criteria but are just as precious. They're entirely usable and to most look as good as our first quality items. You may not even be able to tell why yours was a second upon arrival. Issues would include larger air bubbles, occlusions or spots of the wrong color in the resin, unintended mixed colors, and sanding/trimming mistakes. These are sold in packs of 2 - the combination will be random of which 2 colors you receive and the price of two has been discounted. 

Menstrual products shown in photographs to display function are NOT included. 



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