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Period Nirvana



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What is Spot?

Spot is a work of art for your bathroom counter. Use your spot to rest a wet menstrual cup or menstrual disc atop while it dries instead of your counter. Spot can even be used as a coaster, soap rest, or trivet! 

Our popular Spot is back in a new and improved version. Designed in 3D by Kim Rosas, Spot is still a cute quirky design but now made of TPV and manufactured in the US.

menstrual cup spots

What's Included:

1 Spot in your selected color per box.

Materials and Care:

Spot is made of food and skin safe TPV. To clean, wash with soap and water as needed. Dishwasher and boiling safe. 

Dimensions: 4.0inL x 3.2inW x 0.38inH 

Menstrual products shown in photographs to display function are NOT included. 

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