Get Your Taxes Back on Cora, Diva, and Saalt Products

Get Your Taxes Back on Cora, Diva, and Saalt Products

Period products like tampons and menstrual cups are taxed in 21 states. The "Tampon Tax" means that our Period.Shop customers in certain states are still paying taxes on necessary items. Now thanks to a new coordinated initiative select brands available at Period.Shop including Saalt, Cora, and Diva, will venmo you back for the tampon tax with proof of purchase. The full coalition includes August, Honey Pot, Lola, Rael, Flo, Saalt, Cora, and Diva - brands who put cooperation over competition to fight the tampon tax.


Visit TamponTaxBack for instructions on how to get reimbursed. You will need to send a screenshot or photo of your receipt and within 48 hours you should have your refund. Please note that you will have to file within ten days of purchase. For online orders from Period.Shop send a screenshot of your email receipt in full.

If you'd like to make a bigger statement to fight the Tampon Tax you can file a claim for the taxes paid directly with your state in protest of taxes being applied to products menstruators need to use each month. Visit, click your state on the map,  and get instructions. This technique ended the tampon tax most recently in Texas! 

Period.Shop is not responsible for reimbursement - all queries and payments are handled by a third party on behalf of the brands participating. Send any inquiries to if you have questions.

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