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Saalt Soft Duo Pack

Saalt Soft Duo Pack

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About the Saalt Soft Duo Pack

The Saalt Soft Duo pack, brings you both sizes of the Saalt Soft menstrual cup in a single affordable package. You can try both the Small (Desert Blush) and Regular (Mist Grey) sizes to figure out which works best for your body.

The Saalt Soft is a reusable soft silicone menstrual cup worn internally like a tampon but collects—rather than absorbs—your period. It stays in place by creating a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall. 

This menstrual cup is designed to be both gentle and super comfortable for those with bladder sensitivity, cramping or discomfort with firmer cups. 

To wear the Saalt Soft cup, first  fold and insert it horizontally toward your tailbone. Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, wash, rinse, and reinsert the cup for up to 12 hours of protection. 

Is an original Saalt Cup or Saalt Soft best for you? Check out our Saalt Cup review to find out. 

The Saalt Soft Cup Benefits

  • Made in the USA from 100% medical grade silicone

  • Contains no BPA, latex or chemicals

  • FDA registered and compliant

  • Vegan & cruelty-free

Your Saalt Soft Cup purchase includes two cups and two carry bags.

Do not use this cup if you are allergic to silicone.

Is a Saalt Cup right for you?

Take this quick quiz! Answer a few simple questions to see if Saalt Soft is a match for you. Here at Period.Shop we prioritize making sure you find the right cup, not just any cup.


Who is the Saalt Soft good for?

Saalt Soft cups are the perfect option if you're new to menstrual cups. Their sizing and length make it perfect for most people, with the exception of those with a low cervix. Saalt Soft Cups are "average soft" meaning that they are the ideal firmness for those prone to cramps or who have experienced bladder pressure or discomfort from other menstrual cups. If you have a more active lifestyle you may prefer the original Saalt, which is a firmer cup. If you’re very petite you might consider their new Saalt Teen.



Saalt Cup Soft sizes

Saalt Cup Size Chart
Size Small
Length Diameter Volume
47mm 41mm 25ml
Size Regular
Length Diameter Volume
52mm 46mm 30ml

Measurements do not include stem length, which adds 23 mm to the Small and 18 mm to the Large cup to the total cup length. You can sort cups by measurement on the Period Nirvana Menstrual Cup Chart.
Size Small: 2 to 3 tampons capacity Size Regular: 3 to 4 tampons capacity 12 hours of protection day & night

HSA/FSA Eligible

This product is eligible for purchase using your HSA/FSA card or for reimbursement with your HSA/FSA plan under the CARES Act. See our FAQ for more on how to purchase your menstrual products with HSA/FSA.


Why Buy From Period.Shop?

Unlike big box stores and huge billion-dollar websites, Period.Shop carefully hand selects and vets each and every product we carry to make sure they meet our strict standards. If you find it on Period.Shop you can trust the product is ethically made, high-quality, and a proprietary design.
Read more Only brands who meet at least one of our standards will be carried by Period.Shop, but most brands meet multiple or even all three.

Our warehouse is located in South Carolina and all products are shipped by us! Though we are a new store you can trust our dedication to provide you great customer service and care.

Kim Rosas, the founder of Period.Shop, has spent the last decade in the reusable products space. After many years of creating educational content and teaching workshops around the country, she started the first reusable menstrual products store in the US and her new educational platform for reusables: Period Nirvana. The mission was simple - provide the highest quality shopping experience and resources to make finding the perfect menstrual cup or disc easier. As a leading expert in this space, there is no one more qualified to curate your products than Kim Rosas. By shopping with Period.Shop you can support a small business that is providing free educational resources. Plus, you know you’re purchasing a product that has the Period.Shop stamp of approval.


Return PolicySaalt Soft cups are shipped from our Warehouse in SC. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. See our Return Policy page for full details. We are happy to troubleshoot issues you have with your new cup. Contact us for help.


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