Why You Won't Find June Cup, Pixie, or Shordy on Period.Shop

Why You Won't Find June Cup, Pixie, or Shordy on Period.Shop

The idea for creating a retail space dedicated to reusable period products was inspired by the confusing number of menstrual cups that were taking over online marketplaces. When I started using menstrual cups in 2012 there were only 3-4 brand options. Within 5 years that number had exploded but was driven by the influx of "private-label" products.

Private labeling works like this. A brand goes to an online marketplace such as Alibaba and finds items they think will make a profit. They order the product and usually work directly with the same manufacturer to add their logo to the packaging. For very little investment they can begin selling a product on Amazon or their own web store. 

There are now hundreds of menstrual cup "brands" that are identical products sold at difference prices and as different brand names. This causes confusion to buyers. Ethical questions remain that mindful consumers should consider, especially when buying items sold at $5 or $8. Are workers paid a living and fair wage? Are the products directly copying the intellectual property and design of another proprietary brand? What type of business am I supporting?

private label june cups

In essence, you are buying a product sold through a middle man and are only paying for the box and marketing around it. Anyone can directly purchase the same cup from the supplier for less than $1. If you are purchasing a lower cost product because it's the best option in your budget this is understandable - but for anyone with the means to spend the extra $10-15, you should. 

The same suppliers for some private label brands are selling extremely dangerous products like vaginal tightening gels, skin bleaches, and detox pearls - they sell anything they believe will make a profit no matter how harmful.

You won't be able to buy a Saalt Cup, or KIND Cup, or Hello Cup, or Nixit, or Diva Cup by ordering from their manufacturer. These are proprietary brands who have their own unique product molds and designs. 

Not every product made overseas is bad nor is it a crime to private label products. I take more issue with the fact with the brands who intentionally mislead their customers about their cup designs being unique when it's very obvious their cup is the same model sold by Furuize on Alibaba with a logo added. The most popular private label brand sold has also used unethical advertising practices and took advantage of the pandemic as a marketing tool. That is a brand Period.Shop will never support. 

For this product category I believe in supporting the brands who innovate. You won't find June Cup, Pixie Cup, Shordy, or any other cups that visually look identical to private label molds or brands verified to be such at this store. The products I select for Period.Shop are all unique and high quality products from brands I trust. If affordability is a concern we do offer Afterpay and ShopPay for installment plans. You can also use your HSA/FSA to buy period products

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