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New Brand to Period.Shop - Meet the Tieutcup

Our goal is to provide customers with many options in the reusable period care space that also align with our values. That is why we are thrilled to bring in Tietucup from South Korea. 

Tieutcup is designed to offer a high capacity menstrual cup and they include a collapsible menstrual cup sterilizer for a big value.

Tieutcup menstrual cup from South Korea, high capacity, with case

Offered in two sizes, Small and Large, with capacities of 32 mL and 42 mL respectively, each cup gives those with a heavier period longer wear time than most other cups in those size options.

tietucup menstrual cup size chart

The Tieutcup is quite firm. There are convenient measurement lines, a favorite of many customers, and the cup being clear will make it easy to keep track of your flow day by day. Some period tacking apps allow for adding your period flow levels!

Tieutcup doesn't have as high a capacity as Merula XL, but it does come in two size options. You can see the Tietucup Large compared to Merula XL. Tieutcup has been a wonderful addition to our collection of menstrual cups best for heavy periods.

tieutcup L compared to merula XL high capacity

While Tieutcup is not fully inclusive in their instructions and packaging it's something they are working towards; we are excited to hear updates on this. They've been incredibly receptive to feedback on the topic of inclusivity.

Please note that the silicone collapsible menstrual cup sterilizer shouldn't be used as a storage case between cycles with the lid closed. Menstrual cups need to be stored in a breathable place. You can leave it in the case with the lid off, or use a small breathable pouch you likely have around the house! 

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