New Product Alert: Hello Pad | Tumble Dry Safe Cloth Pads

New Product Alert: Hello Pad | Tumble Dry Safe Cloth Pads

Period.Shop is excited to share the newest product arrival - Hello Pad - the reusable menstrual pad that is washing machine and tumble dry safe. Say goodbye to wasteful and uncomfortable disposable pads and embrace a sustainable and comfortable period experience with Hello Pad.

hello pad reusable cloth menstrual pad

Hello Pad's design allows it to be washed and dried making it a convenient period option that's sustainable and saves money on pads each month.

How to Wash Hello Pads:

After use, give them a quick cold rinse until the water runs clear, then toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry on a delicate cycle below 40°C/105°F. Use your ordinary washing powder or liquid. Do not bleach, use fabric conditioner or antibacterial sprays or dry clean.

This is because there is no laminate plastic layer to warp or be damaged by heat and become less waterproof. The delicate silicone design on the underside helps the pads stay in place, there are no wings! Also, unlike many other brands, these don’t use plastic so there will be no ‘crackly’ sound when you move around!

How Much Does Hello Pad Hold?

Hello Pad is designed to hold the same amount of fluid as 5 regular pads while being quite trim at only 2mm thick.

How to Use Hello Pads

This is a "snap-free" design. The Hello Pad can either lay in your underwear and uses the silicone grips to prevent sliding out of place, or you can optionally engage the included strap to secure it around the crotch of your underwear.

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