New Brand Alert- Lena Cup.

New Brand Alert- Lena Cup.

2021 will see many new brands and lines added to Period.Shop. The first to stock is Lena Cup

Lena Cup began in 2016, at a time when menstrual cups were becoming more popular but were still relatively unknown in the mainstream. At that time I was excited by the new brand and, after trying Lena, found it to be a great first-time user cup with a comfortable design and stylish, eco-friendly packaging.


"Living in harmony with nature and with my own body has long been at the heart of my life – instinctively, I have always been searching for and choosing healthy ways of being and consuming. Years ago, when I started to use a menstrual cup I was amazed at the freedom it gave me – the idea of a cup also aligned with my expectations of a product that did not harm, pollute or compromise my own health.

I was never able to find a cup that worked perfectly for me though, some were too aggressive or stiff, others were too flimsy, or they were made by questionable companies from unregulated materials – factors that every cup user knows are essential. Prompted by a dear friend, I started to entertain the idea of conceptualizing the perfect menstrual cup – a cup that would work for both first-time and experienced users, cup that would open easily yet would be undetectable once inside of the body, a cup that was made using as many conscious and sustainable practices as there are available on the market." 

-CEO of Lena Cup, Vili Petrova

Period.Shop will be carrying the Lena Cup's original line. These cups are an average firmness, work well for first-time users, and we offer them in two colors. When you shop with Period.Shop you are supporting a small business and the free educational resources we provide on our sister education website, Period Nirvana, so thank you! 


Is Lena Cup The Right Cup For You? We have developed a quick cup quiz just for the Lena Cup that will guide you towards the right size Lena Cup for you. If Lena Cup original isn't a good fit the quiz will let you know alternate options carried by Period.Shop or direct you to the Period Nirvana Menstrual Cup + Disc Quiz, a more comprehensive quiz with far more outcomes and questions.

At Period.Shop you can trust that brands sold here represent the best options in the reusable period care space. Lena has long been a trusted menstrual cup brand in quality, materials, and design. Their eco-friendly packaging means your purchase will be as low-waste as possible, and their company provides donations and supports charities as part of their mission.
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