Lumma Cups : How to Pick Your Size from TEN Options

Lumma Cups : How to Pick Your Size from TEN Options

Lumma recently introduced a new line of menstrual cups that come in a staggering ten size models to fit nearly all bodies.

The sizing system appears complicated at first but let me break it down for you.

Lumma Cups sizing chart to find the right size menstrual cup

Firstly, they size by your cervix height. Their three size options are:

S =  "short cervix" or "low cervix" 

M = "medium cervix" or "average cervix"

H = "High cervix" or "tall cervix"

Within these categories you have further sizing options.

By default, S, M, and H sizes are "small" meaning the cup has a narrow diameter designed for those who are under 30, haven't given birth, or for anyone who feels they should have a smaller diameter. 

B = "over 30 and/or have had a full term pregnancy." 

Lumma Cups with "B" in their size coding have a larger diameter designed for anyone who has a less tone pelvic floor, due to the natural aging process or to a full term pregnancy. 

Lumma Cups additionally adds another sizing attribute, rounder bottomed cups in their "Medium" and "High" cervix cups that give the wearer a higher capacity. Cups that have a + in their sizing code have a higher capacity.

+ = "Heavy Flow" cups. 

Yes it's a lot to take in at first! It took me some time to understand their sizing code and options but when you know your body well this system is extremely exciting! You can narrow down your needs to the perfect cup for you.

all lumma cup sizes compared

The firmness is the same for all the cup sizes and styles and would be best described as "Average firm."

Hopefully this guide will help you find just the right cup for you. Reach out to our store's chat with any questions you have about Lumma Cups. We ship Lumma products fast and free from our local South Carolina warehouse.

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