Hello Disc | A Quick Start Guide

Hello Disc | A Quick Start Guide

Are you expecting your new Hello Disc from Period.Shop or Hello Period Co? You're in luck - these discs are flying off our shelves before we can even stock them. Pre-orders are expected to ship from Period.Shop to our customers early March.

You might have a lot of questions about using your new Hello Disc when it first arrives. Here is a quick start guide to assist you with your FAQ's. Your new Hello Disc will come with a basic instruction guide which you should consult before using. You can also find a FAQ on Hello's website.

Quick Start Guide for the Hello Disc

Step 1

Boil your new disc before your first use. Try placing it inside of a whisk if you're forgetful - you don't want to scorch it on the bottom of the pan! 

Step 2:

Decide which of the 4 ways you want to wear your Hello Disc. 

4 ways to wear Hello Disc - tucked, flipped, dropped, trimmed on blue background

Tucked - The tabs tuck underneath the disc and out of the way. Best for a low or average cervix and for sex/play time.

Flipped - The bottom loop is looped through the top loop from behind. Best for an average cervix or if you don't know your cervix height. This is my personal favorite way to wear Hello Disc and it should work for most users.

Dropped - The length of the tab is 'free' and drops down. Best for a high cervix or those with reach/grip issues.

Trimmed - The second loop is cut off. We don’t recommend cutting your entire tab off! Best for a low cervix or people who find the tab uncomfortable. 

Step 3:

Insert your disc. If wearing it tucked, push the tab into the middle of the disc while folding. If wearing any other style you can simply fold it lengthwise.

how to fold hello disc tucked shown in hand on a purple background

Insert the disc angled towards your tailbone (the tab is the last to enter your body) and once it can't be inserted any further, push the front edge of the disc up until it feels "locked" behind your pubic bone.

Until you are through the learning phase it's recommended to wear a back-up liner or period underwear just in case.

Step 4: 

When it's time to remove your Hello Disc this is when it gets really exciting! The patent-pending double-loop tab is designed to make removals easier than other discs. As with other products expect a learning curve while you find the style and angle of removal that works best for you.

Tucked - Place a single finger through the front of the loop or through the back. removing your disc using a finger through the back loops will likely give you the best leverage but everyone will have their own preference. 

Flipped - Insert a finger and feel for the loop - it will likely be flush against the front of your vaginal canal. Reach through the back with a finger and begin pull your disc out.

Dropped - Pull the disc out using either loop. You may want to begin removal by pulling the closest loop, then switch your finger to the loop closest to the disc. The loop closest to the disc is the most secure.

Trimmed - Insert a finger and feel for the loop - you can insert a finger through the front or back depending on which one feels best for you, then pull your disc out.

Allow the disc to drop backwards away from you to prevent blood from spilling onto your fingers or hands.

Time to Enjoy!

Hello Disc can be worn by people of nearly all cervix heights, body sizes, and abilities. Thanks to being suction-free it's safe for IUD wearers and removal can be done with a single finger. Experiment with the different styles of wear and discover which removal method works best for you. Once mastered you should find this the easiest reusable period product when it comes to removal and insertion. If you need more assistance visit the Hello Disc Guide with a collection of videos for how to use your disc on the Period Nirvana instagram.

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