Hello Disc Pre-Orders

Hello Disc Pre-Orders

For the customers still waiting on their pre-orders from Period.Shop for Hello Disc™. If you order has not yet shipped it will be going out this week. Many orders left on Friday, May 13 on the same day that our shipment arrived to the warehouse.  

Period.Shop has two simultaneous rounds of pre-order shipping happening - one station is packing single Hello Disc orders, one is packing multiple item orders - but the singles are going at a faster pace. While we are working in chronological order from oldest orders to newest, the single Hello Disc orders are outpacing the speed of shipping our multiple item orders. All pre-orders will be going out in a timely manner and the team is working super hard to finish up by the end of this week.

You do not need to email us about your order - a tracking number will be sent once it has shipped.

Having Hello Disc™️ sell quicker than we can stock it from our first order (shipped over 6 staggered shipments) was not expected at all. We anticipated that the size of our order would last us many months. The pre-order was only meant to run until first shipment arrived, with enough to spare while the rest trickled in. Instead, within the first 2 months of launch the Hello Disc™️ outsold every single product carried by Period.Shop and rocketed to the top-selling product of all time for our store! It has outsold products stocked with us for nearly 2 years. We had the disc "in stock" for less than 2 hours at one point, at every other point we have sold them faster than they could arrive to our warehouse.

For now, Hello Disc is in-stock but we anticipate selling out again before the next shipment. It's been impossible to keep up with the demand.

Thank you to all of our customers for making this product a smash success. Your reviews, comments, and emails have all been read and so many of them are saved in a special keepsake folder. I love reading them all and seeing the many ways Hello Disc™ is living up to its versatile design. It feels amazing to have an idea take concrete shape and the positive reviews have launched this product into the upper stratosphere of popularity for a new product. Period.Shop has invested no money into advertising - word of mouth was all it took. You did this - thank you!


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