Fun Factory's Fun Cup Is Now Available at Period.Shop

Fun Factory's Fun Cup Is Now Available at Period.Shop

Get excited, we have a new cup alert! Period.Shop is proud to share that we now offer the Fun Cup from Fun Factory.

A Menstrual Cup Kit That's Fit For Your Needs

The Fun Cup's design is ergonomically-shaped to provide a gentle curve to match your internal body shape. It comes in two sizes, Size A and Size B. Here at Period.Shop, we have decided to offer their bundle Explore Kit so that every customer can determine which size is best for them. Some people may even find that they like both at different times in their cycle! The ergonomic shape means a more intuitive insertion - many users find curved cups are easier to use for this reason. 

The smaller Fun Cup, Size A, is great for light days. It's also a nice cup option for those who find that a smaller cup is more comfortable. It's 53mm in length, has a 40mm wide diameter, and holds 20ml. The larger Fun Cup, Size B, is better for heavy days, or for those over 30 or who have had a full-term pregnancy. The larger size is 58mm in length, has a 43mm wide diameter, and holds 50% more at 30ml. Both of these sizes come in the Explore Kit.

Bonus points: The Explore Kit is economically priced and qualifies for free shipping. 

About the Brand Fun Factory 

Fun Factory has a great brand story. They're based in Germany and focus on creating safe, ethically-manufactured, and FUN personal products using fair-labor. While they got their start creating sex-toys, they put their medical-grade silicone expertise into creating a similarly fun menstrual cup product. While they are still working on being entirely gender-neutral, they do take a stance of positioning their products for any gender that would enjoy them. 

New to Menstrual Cups?

Period.Shop has a number of other great resources. If you're new to menstrual cups, check out our How to Use a Menstrual Cup page. You can also learn how to pick the best menstrual cup or disc using our Buying Guide, which also includes many other useful resources. And if that's not enough, our education site covers just about every other topic. 


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