The Cora Disc Is a New Fan Favorite — And Now It's Back!

The Cora Disc Is a New Fan Favorite — And Now It's Back!

Period.Shop cannot seem to keep the Cora Disc in stock! Everyone really loves this menstrual disc and it's not by any accident. The Cora Disc brings a winning formula of a fits-most size, satin finish, finger catch for easy removal, and fair price all together for a truly stellar reusable period product. 

Cora Disc Reviews

Cora Disc reviews have been largely positive, including our own Period Nirvana review on the menstrual disc. Overall it is a great disc choice for beginners and is super comfortable to wear. It seems like the one collective downside is that some users can experience the product ‘spinning’ inside their body making the finger-catch hard to find or difficult to reach. 

cora disc and cora wash

About the Brand

Cora is not new to the reusable menstrual product game. The brand introduced their Cora Cup back in 2016 (per Way Back Machine). They are committed to gender equality and help promote spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being through their editorial arm at

Order Now at Period.Shop

Get excited! To address the demand, Period.Shop took Pre-orders while the disc was sold out everywhere. After months of waiting our largest supply order ever has arrived. We don't know how long these will last. 

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