Cleaning Menstrual Cups and Discs: Menstrual Cup Wash, Lubricant, and Tips

Cleaning Menstrual Cups and Discs: Menstrual Cup Wash, Lubricant, and Tips

Period.Shop offers a variety of cup and disc cleanser products. These are great options for people who want a safe way to clean their products, without having to worry about chemicals that might harm the cup or irritate their sensitive skin. 

How to Wash a Menstrual Cup

You can read individual instructions that are included with your menstrual cup or disc for specific tips. That being said, in general you should wash your cup with warm water daily in between uses and be sure to boil your cup once a month. Some users rinse in cold water first before washing in warm or hot water. A menstrual cup wash or cleanser can most definitely help keep your reusable period products clean in between uses. Do not use dish soap, which can leave a residue on your cup and irritate your body, or put your cup in the dishwasher. Take a look at a full guide for cleaning menstrual cups here. 

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Menstrual cups and discs can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, so you most likely won’t have to change your cup in public restrooms. That being said, if you find the need more frequent than expected, check out our tips for cleaning your menstrual cup in public

Can I Wash My Menstrual Cup with Hand Soap? 

Most Hand soaps are fine to use on menstrual cups; you can also use castile soap. Any mild, unscented and oil- and dye-free soap will do the trick, but keep in mind many hand soaps may contain harsh antibacterial ingredients and fragrance. You'll want to steer clear of washes that contain peppermint (Dr. Bronner's Peppermint) unless you're in the mood to wake up your vagina!

A wash designed for vulva/cups would be more ideal if you’re uncertain of the ingredients in your hand soap. We don't suggest using "feminine washes" found on pharmacy shelves like Summer's Eve as cup cleansers. Stick to gentle hand soaps, cup washes, or if you're - extremely sensitive - water only (paired with routine monthly boiling.)

Water-Based Lubricants for Menstrual Cups

Lubricants that are silicone and TPE safe are great for menstrual cups and disc users who experience difficulty with insertion or proper placement. Having the cup slide into place in a pain-free way can be the difference between an uncomfortable and frustrating experience and a life-changing one.

Period.Shop recently added a lubricant from Knude Society -- a prominent UK-based brand focused on sustainable manufacturing. Learn more about their lubricant here.

About Period.Shop Brands

We currently offer menstrual cup washes and cleansers from acclaimed menstrual product bands Nixit, Saalt, Organicup, Lunette, and Cora. Shop all of our washes and cup lubricants. This variety gives you the choice of price, product volume, product size (Intimina and Hello Go are both TSA friendly!), and dispensing methods (pump, spray, or squeeze). All products are free from harsh chemicals that could harm medical grade silicone or TPE based cups. Some also provide fresh scents using natural ingredients. All of the menstrual cup wash products we carry will help you keep your cups and discs clean and free from residue. If you have citrus sensitivities please read over the wash ingredients before making a purchase - many contain citrus oils. 

Period.Shop is committed to partnering with sustainable, socially conscious brands who also use inclusive language. We’re proud of our brand relationships, and hope you can enjoy shopping with confidence. 

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