Knude Society Hits US Shores with Water-Based Lube and Fan Favorite Vibrator

Knude Society Hits US Shores with Water-Based Lube and Fan Favorite Vibrator

Period.Shop has been on a very long hunt for a silicone-safe lubricant that was free from explicit sexual language  and free from gendered language. Knude Society from the UK fit the bill, and Period.Shop is now so happy to offer their water-based lube, Glide, as well as their popular Gwen vibrator. As of today we’re the only ones in the US to offer these products!

Water-Based Lube for Pain-Free Menstrual Cup Wear 

Having a cup-safe lubricant can solve for painful insertion or poor positioning and fit of menstrual cups. To put it simply, a silicone-safe lubricant can help you have a life-changing period experience. Period.Shop wants to help users master their cup or disc, and reach their own Period Nirvana. If a little water-based lube can get you there then make Glide by Knude Society part of your arsenal. Remember you should not feel pain while inserting or wearing a menstrual cup or disc, check out a few more common problems and solutions for menstrual cup pain. This lubricant has glycerin which some users may prefer not to use. We are still looking for the perfect glycerin-free lubricant to add for more great choices. 

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Acacia Senegal, Gum, Carrageenan, Citric Acid, Sodium Anisate, Sodium Levulinate.

The Secret Ingredient to Finding Period Nirvana 

The Gwen is a medical-grade silicone-covered vibrator designed for external clitoral stimulation. It has 10 patterns and speeds, while being whisper quiet and USB-rechargeable. It’s fully waterproof, letting you enjoy your me-time wherever you feel most comfortable. And while you may not think your period is a good time for self-love, know that studies have routinely shown that orgasms reduce the negative symptoms of your cycle. You can lower body aches, cramps, and hormonal PMS symptoms through the natural release of ‘happy hormones’ that come with orgasm.

Period nirvana can be found with a little help from the right products and the right advice. 

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