All About Reusable Period Underwear and Pads

All About Reusable Period Underwear and Pads

Here at Period.Shop we are proud to carry a wide assortment of the best reusable menstrual products available, including various styles of period underwear and reusable period pads.

Period panties and reusable pads can provide full protection without the need for a menstrual cup or disc or they can provide lighter coverage for spotty days. And period underwear can make for a great safety net when you’re looking for a little extra confidence, like for when you’re trying out a new menstrual cup or disc. 

How Does Period Underwear Work?

While there are various period underwear styles and reusable pads to choose from, many work in similar ways. Most styles feature a special fabric designed to wick liquid away from the skin. It then collects the period blood inside the underwear or pad so that it does not spill or leak out onto your clothes. 

The Best Period Underwear 

Period Underwear is having its moment. Many brands are hitting the market just in the last few years. This is a great opportunity for the consumer to choose from a variety of styles so that they can find the best period underwear for their needs. Period.Shop has cherry picked the best brands to bring to the store, so you can feel confident that you are choosing from a high-quality assortment. 

About Period.Shop Brands

Aisle is an original innovator, a B-Corp dedicated to meeting social and environmental goals, and an inclusivity-leader. Our line from Aisle covers both pads and panties. Aisle has been in the business longer than any other period underwear brand (originally named LunaPads). Their pad line includes Liners (2 pack), 8” mini, 10” Maxi, and 13” Super. This sizing largely mimics what you may be familiar with from disposable pads, without the waste! The Aisle leakproof underwear that Period.Shop stocks is in the Hipster cut, with sizes that range from XS to XL. We hope to extend our size range and options from Aisle in the future. Shop our selection of Aisle Cloth Pads, Liners, and Leakproof Underwear.

Saalt has nearly perfected the menstrual cup, and provided the same design care to their new line of reusable period underwear,  all while being sustainably made. We carry Saalt Wear in both the Mesh Hipster and Bikini cuts. These are also available in sizes that range from XS to XL. Shop our selection of Saalt Wear period underwear.

How to Wash Period Underwear

For those new to reusable pads and period underwear, know that all products come with cleaning and care instructions to help you on your reusable journey. All of these products can be stored in a wet-bag until you’re ready to wash in your washer/dryer.  Wash within 2-3 days for the best results and avoid using any fabric softeners. 

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