Teen Period Starter Kit - Coming Soon to Period.Shop

Teen Period Starter Kit - Coming Soon to Period.Shop

Want to make your teen's first period a special event while presenting them the tools they needs for a comfortable and eco-friendly period? Announcing the Teen Period Starter Kit x Period.Shop featuring all the items a pre-teen/teen needs to begin using a menstrual cup.

Period Menstrual Cup Starter Kit

Kit Includes:

(1) Vaginas and Periods 101: A Pop-Up Book
(1) Teen Sized Menstrual Cup [Organicup Mini]
(1) Menstrual Cup Wash [Organiwash]
(1) Cup Safe Lubricant 
(1) Booklet with First Time Tips + Tricks 
(1) Comic Series

... plus other fun surprises

Hand selected to be age appropriate, educational, and most importantly- fun! All items in this kit combined are a giftable collection to commemorate a first period or to simply introduce the concept of menstrual cups. Assembled and packaged into one beautiful box, this kit was designed for age-groups up to 15 who are learning about their bodies and periods.

Period Starter Kit box

Vaginas and Periods 101: A Pop-Up Book is a fun and creative way to learn more about... vaginas and periods! The book uses pop-ups and colorful graphics to normalize anatomy aesthetics and menstruation. It also describes various menstrual product options beyond just tampons and pads. We want all young people to feel comfortable in their bodies throughout puberty and into adulthood!

"As licensed mental health therapists and sex educators, we teach a lot of young people and we saw a need to normalize menstruation and couldn't believe this book didn't already exist! We want young people to feel comfortable in their bodies throughout puberty and into adulthood. Plus, we know not only girls/women menstruate so we've been very intentional to not use pronouns in the book and to include non-binary characters."

OrganiCup size Mini is made of the same soft, top quality medical grade silicone, but specially designed for teens and those who need a smaller size. Organiwash is a perfume-free wash designed to be gentle for sensitive skin and safe for use with menstrual cups.

The glycerine free water-based lubricant is a gentle formula that will help with inserting a menstrual cup for the first time and beyond. It has several applications worth and a sealing lid to use without waste. Created for medical use by Wallace O' Farrell, this brand was specifically chosen because it's water based, water soluble, odor-free, glycerine free, and comes packed with age-appropriate use instructions free of sexual mentions as to make everyone comfortable.

A booklet featuring first-time tips and tricks will provide additional instructions for your teen written by cup expert Kim Rosas. With nearly ten years of experience and a wealth of knowledge gained through helping thousands of cup users of all ages, the booklet will give your teen knowledge often missing from packaged menstrual cup instructions. 

The menstrual cup comic by artist Thalia Eme is a dream come true for Kim who has always wanted to collaborate with an artist to bring a relatable and honest view of what a first-time menstrual cup experience can be like. Rather than gloss over the frustration, this comic intends to give first time teen cup users realistic expectations about using a cup. While it can be easy for some, it's not always, and understanding there can be road blocks is crucial for adoption. Most importantly, the comic will stress that it's ok to step back, take a break, and try again when they're ready. Thalia Eme is a Mexico City based artist who is also a menstrual cup advocate. 

Period.Shop has sourced all items from trusted brands and worked with mostly local suppliers down to the boxes and printing. It's a labor of love to be able to bring this project to life and make switching to a menstrual cup a special occasion and hopefully, a fond memory, for young teens who receive it. 

Other fun surprises to be included.

For future editions there may be other brands offered and new inclusions. You can order the Teen Period Kit x Period.Shop featuring OrganiCup now.

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Can you get something instead of a menstrual cup like a reusable pad?

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