Shop Saalt Wear's Full Line at Period.Shop - Our Newest Partnership

Shop Saalt Wear's Full Line at Period.Shop - Our Newest Partnership

Beginning this week Period.Shop will now offer the full Saalt Wear line of reusable period underwear. Every size, color, style can be purchased alongside our curated selection of top reusable menstrual cups, discs, and accessories brands already offered. Browse the full Saalt Wear line of period underwear available through Period.Shop.

Previously, Period.Shop carried a small selection of just two Saalt Wear styles in two color options. As a smaller business we were limited in how many lines and colors we could add both due to the logistics and the financial costs. Saalt Wear has added many new styles and colors to their apparel line since it first launched. 

In order to offer all of those amazing options to Period.Shop customers we have partnered with Saalt in a new way. Any Saalt Wear line or color/size not in stock at our warehouse will now be fulfilled directly by Saalt at no additional cost to our customers! This only applies to Saalt Wear, Period.Shop fully stocks all other Saalt items at our warehouse.

Saalt Wear period underwear package on tile white

Thanks to our new partnership with Saalt our small but mighty store can better serve our customers' needs and we couldn't be more excited to bring you all of their beautiful colors and styles.

You can add any item from our store to your cart alongside your Saalt Wear purchases and checkout in our easy one page process. Behind the scenes our team will pack everything in your order - your cup, wash, pads, books, or other accessories we stock in our SC warehouse. Any Saalt Wear item (or items) from your order we don't offer from our in stock selection will be shipped from Saalt's HQ in Boise, Idaho direct to your door on our behalf. The only difference to your experience will be receiving your order in two shipments instead of one. 

Our customers can still reach out to our team for customer service inquiries for their order questions or for any specific Saalt fulfilled order questions or concerns, reach out to Saalt customer service


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