The Perfect Teen Period Kit is here! Now featuring Saalt Teen

The Perfect Teen Period Kit is here! Now featuring Saalt Teen

Our Teen Period Kit featuring Saalt Teen has landed and we have so much to talk about! First, how adorable are the Saalt Teen packages? It's like they were designed for our Period.Shop teen kit boxes!

period teen kit with menstrual cups Saalt Teen

Included in the Saalt Teen Period Kits:

(1) Saalt Teen Cup in Aqua Green or Wild Rose
(1) Saalt Wash formulated just for menstrual cups
(1) Aisle reusable cloth liner - perfect as back-up while learning your cup
(1) Cup safe lubricant to make inserting your cup easy
(1) How-to booklet by Kim Rosas and first-time cup comic
(1) Period.Shop exclusive holographic sticker... and more

 saalt teen cup with wash and menstrual cup comic and cloth liner by Aisle

Hand selected to be age appropriate, educational, and most importantly- fun! All items in this kit combined are a gift worthy collection to commemorate a first period or to simply introduce the concept of menstrual cups. Assembled and packaged into one beautiful box, this kit was designed for teens of all ages. Our kit with the "Vaginas and Periods 101" educational pop-up book is best for teens who are just learning about periods. Our kit without the book is best for older teens who are well versed in reproductive basics. 

Period.Shop is proud to be the first to offer first period kits designed for the teen menstrual cup user. Not only will you find everything needed to use a cup, the educational resources make this kit a full experience unmatched by other kits who came after our version. 

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