Tips for Removing Stains on Your Menstrual Cup or Menstrual Disc

Tips for Removing Stains on Your Menstrual Cup or Menstrual Disc

Let's face it - your period blood is eventually going to stain your menstrual cup or disc after months or years of use. Don't worry - a stained product is still completely safe to use but as the hue changes it might start to look less appealing.

stained menstrual cup sitting in pink dish

Menstrual cup stains are caused by the iron content in your blood; some people can use a product for years without stains while others use the same product and find it stained within a month. The color and texture of your product will also effect how quickly stains show. Stains are not a sign that something is wrong with you or the product. Stains are also not an indication that poor hygiene is to blame - you can scrub meticulously and boil each month but still eventually see staining.

Do you have to remove the stains from your menstrual cup? No. If you're unbothered by a change of color there is no reason to take extra steps for stain removal. 

Tips for Prevention: Cold water rinse

To try and prevent stains from setting in rinse the blood away from your cup or disc using cold water first before you wash with warm or hot. Don't forget the wash - Period.Shop carries several brands of menstrual cup safe wash for any menstrual cup or disc.

Look for darker menstrual cups and discs that hide stains for longer: Menstrual Cups/Discs that Come in Black

Tips for Stain Removal: Scrub with a dry cloth

Try rubbing surface stains away with a tightly knit cloth. One that is smooth and flat like a napkin, not fuzzy. A bit of elbow grease can take away stains that have attached to the surface, especially on products that have more of a matte texture.

stained hello disc before and after stain removal

You can watch this in action by visiting my recent video where I remove stains from a Hello Disc.

Alternatively or in addition to using a cloth, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub away stains, especially around raised lettering and suction holes where they tend to develop.

Tips for Stain Removal: Soak in peroxide

Soak your cup or disc in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 3-4 hours. Only do this periodically, ideally not more than 2-3 times per year. A soak will have a miraculous effect and can often get the product looking brand new! 

hydrogen peroxide removed stains from stained menstrual disc

This method could cause premature breaking down of the product so use with discretion and with that knowledge. However, silicone lasts ten years or more so you're unlikely to see this happen quickly. Some brands will recommend against hydrogen peroxide so check your instruction manual or brand's FAQ. I personally have used hydrogen peroxide to remove stains on my menstrual cups and discs in moderation. Hydrogen peroxide is safe on menstrual cups and discs but each person should decide what they feel comfortable with.

If you notice any signs of your silicone breaking down such as stickyness, chalkiness, or hairline tears in the material it's time to discontinue use.

Tips for Stain Removal: Harness the sun

For a more natural way of removing stains, place your cup or disc in direct sun for many hours. This is a natural stain remover. Do be careful where you put it - keep away from places it could be knocked over (like on a porch rail) or accessible to wild animals or pets.  

For a full Menstrual Cup Cleaning Guide and video visit Period Nirvana.

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