Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable - New to Period.Shop

Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable - New to Period.Shop

As part of our continued mission to provide customers with quality reusable menstrual products we are excited to bring Flex Cup and Flex Disc Reusable to Period.Shop. 

flex disc reusable and flex cup

For our curated selection Period.Shop brands must meet at least one of our core standards. Flex Cup and Flex Disc each offer a product that fills a need for menstruators not covered by other products we carry. Flex Cup has been a Period Nirvana quiz result since we launched in 2020. The patented removal tab is an innovative design that helps many users who would otherwise struggle to remove traditional menstrual cups. The adjustable length longer stem also makes Flex Cup a great option for our customers with a high cervix. You can find our Flex Cup review on Period Nirvana to learn more.

The new Flex Disc is the firmest reusable menstrual disc on the market (rated a 4.5 on our firmness scale compared to the Flex Disc disposable, a 5 and the firmest menstrual disc) and a great option for people who prefer disposable discs. Since Flex Disc Reusable was modeled after the disposable Flex loyal fans of the plastic version have a new sustainable option. The silicone Flex Disc has the additional design feature of a notch in the rim that makes folding and insertion easy for first-time disc users.

As a small business we pride ourselves on offering customers a more ethical shopping alternative to big box retailers and look forward to having Flex as part of that mission. 

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