Leia Menstrual Cup | New Brand Designed by an OB/GYN

Leia Menstrual Cup | New Brand Designed by an OB/GYN

Period.Shop is excited to add new menstrual cup brand to our curated product selection. Leia Cup offers 3 size options and is specifically designed by an OB/GYN to work for those with weak pelvic floor muscles or those with a low cervix.

leia menstrual cups low cervix all three sizes on green background in packaging

Low cervix cups can be hard to find and with the stems trimmed, the Leia Cup design should fit most who find average cups are too long to comfortably wear. For our listing we relied on the brand's measurements. The body and total length of the cup are measured from the longest side of the cup's rim. The cup will, in practice, fit like a cup with a slightly smaller length measurement due to the asymmetrical rim design. As always, you can compare menstrual cups on our sortable Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.

Leia menstrual cup dimensions chart

Leia Cup has an angled and firm top rim. This feature will help the cup open and seal and stay in place during wear. The angled rim also makes it easier to insert the menstrual cup. The labia fold works well with this rim design. The shape and design of this cup helps it stay in place even for those with weaker pelvic floor muscles. When inserting Leia Cup you will want the tallest side of the rim to face towards your back.

Made of medical-grade silicone, Leia Cup has a firmness rating of 4 on our 1-5 firmness scale, which would be considered firm. The firmness is well suited to first-time cup users as well as those who play sports. 

menstrual cup firmness scale

For new cup users who are nervous about the intimidating size, the Small Leia Cup is a petite starter cup tested and liked by teens. 

During my own testing of the Leia Cup size Large I experienced no leaks and total comfort. The firmness did result in a slower urine stream but otherwise I wasn't able to detect it during wear. The good design and positive personal road test helped Leia Cup join our curated selection at Period.Shop. 

About the Brand

Leia Cup combined the product development skills of a sibling team. Dr. Lena Dolgan is a practicing OB/GYN currently residing in Kazakhstan. Dr. Dolgan combined her medical background with the product development skills of her brother, Konstantin Dolgan, who owns a product design firm based on Louisiana, USA. Dr. Dolgan looked at other cup designs and felt there were improvements that could be made. The first testers of the Leia Cup were her fellow OB/GYNs. After over 2 years of design and over 50 prototypes later Leia Cup is now available in the US. 

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