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Tampax Cup

Tampax Cup

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Tampax didn't invent the cup but they made unique design considerations to address the pain points many cup users experience.

Who is the Tampax Cup good for? Tampax Cups are good for anyone with bladder sensitivity, those who have had their cup slip during wear, and those who experience sleep leaks. The flared, wide rim keeps the cup from slipping down (and even helps it go back up if it has!) and it fits snugly to prevent sleep leaks. While we don't carry stock of Tampax Cups due to their excessive use of plastic packaging we do suggest it for certain users who have experienced issues with other cups and think the cup design is great.
Size S
Length Diameter Volume
42mm 47mm 24ml
Size L
Length Diameter Volume
47mm 53mm 37ml

Measurements do not include stem length. Add 23 mm to the small cup anbd 16 mm to the large cup when considering the stem

Includes one cup + one plastic case.

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