Squiggle Spot Package

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Your squiggle package will be randomly selected so the color of your squiggle cup spot will be a surprise. Colors include Purple, Teal, Green, Coral, Clear, Nude, Lilac, and 1 clear with Glitter.

  • (4) Samples of Water-Based Lubricant (total 1 oz)
  • (1) Random Handmade Squiggle Cup Drying Spot by Kim  
Each cup spot is unique and handmade. Kim uses leftover resin from crafting her uterus and photography props and pours them into her own custom molds. When cured each squiggle will be unique in the color, texture, and finish depending on which mold was used for it and the resin itself. The bottoms are un-sanded in most cases. This offer is only while supplies last. Since these are handmade we have a very small number available.



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