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What is Spot?

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Diva Spot is a handmade work of art for your bathroom counter designed exclusively to coordinate with the new Diva Disc. Use your spot to rest a wet menstrual cup, menstrual disc, toy, or even use it as a soap drainer.

Each spot is made from resin, hand cast, and finished by hand. Molded from an original sculpted clay squiggle to fit cups and discs.

The design for each Diva Spot will be entirely unique due to their handmade nature - this means your final product may appear slightly lighter or darker than the product photo and have variable amounts of veining - similar to natural marbles.

squiggle spot in grey on diva spot packaging

Note about Care:

The material used for our resin Spots allows for a small about of flex. If you receive a spot that doesn't lay flat it may be due to shipping. Run your Spot under warm water, lay on a flat surface, and place a heavy object on top. After a few hours it will be back to a flat state.


Menstrual products shown in photographs to display function are NOT included. 



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