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Hello Reusable Liners

Hello, soft and comfortable! Hello Cup has done it again with these whimsical modern floral patterned reusable cloth liners.  This new edition has an even slimmer design and longer length for better coverage, making it the perfect size for light-medium wear. With durable metal snaps on the wings these should last you many years to come for your low-waste period needs. Available in a 3 pack or 6 pack.

Included in the three pack:
3 slim designed cloth liners in a fun floral pattern

Included in the six pack:
6 slim designed cloth liners in a fun floral pattern

More Details
  • Hello Liners each hold two tablespoons of fluid, so they've got your back when you need it.
  • The top layer, printed in the gorgeous Hello signature floral design, is made from 100% organic Indian cotton. This cotton layer gives natural wicking (a fancy term for ‘drawing moisture away’), breathability and easy care.
  • Beneath the top layer is the absorbent bit – it’s made from 100% organic bamboo fleece which locks away fluid.
  • The third layer is waterproof, this ensures what’s locked away in the core stays there and doesn’t break free to ruin your day.
  • Hello Liners are backed with another layer of 100% Indian organic cotton
  • Hello Liners have two fastening metal snaps on the wings and can be folded into a small square when not in use.
  • Hello Liners are handmade with love in an organic, fair-trade, family-run factory in India.
  • Here’s a few important points about Hello Liners:

    • Wash Hello Liners in cold water in the machine or by hand and then line dry.
    • The floral side is worn facing upwards (so you get to see its cuteness).
    • Reusable liners do not contain adhesive like single-use ones. To prevent them moving around, using cotton underwear is recommended. 

    Liner measurements:

    Length from top to bottom – 170-175mm

    Length from wing to wing – 155mm

    Width across middle excluding the wings –  70mm

    HSA/FSA Eligible This product is eligible for purchase using your HSA/FSA card or for reimbursement with your HSA/FSA plan under the CARES Act. See our FAQ for more on how to purchase your menstrual products with HSA/FSA.




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