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For the customers still waiting on their pre-orders from Period.Shop for Hello Disc™. Your order will ship as soon as the last of our first order from New Zealand arrives (it is currently stuck in LA.) UPDATE: We have received our last shipment and are packing pre-orders this week! We had a very small number of Hello Discs leftover once we took stock of what is committed for pre-orders but those are selling quickly and won't last through the week. Once these sell out we will once again open up for pre-orders for our next batch of Hello Discs expected to arrive in May.

To our customers who plan to order a Hello Disc™️, we are going to take a brief pause. Letting people down is incredibly stressful and each time we think our order will arrive in time we are hit with another delay. After we learn more about when the first shipment from the next run will arrive we will decide what to do next - be it another round of pre-orders or simply waiting for the stock to arrive.

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Hello Disc


Having Hello Disc™️ sell quicker than we can stock it from our first order (shipped over 6 staggered shipments) was not expected at all. We anticipated that the size of our order would last us many months. The pre-order was only meant to run until first shipment arrived, with enough to spare while the rest trickled in. Instead, within the first 2 months of launch the Hello Disc™️ outsold every single product carried by Period.Shop and rocketed to the top-selling product of all time for our store! It has outsold products stocked with us for nearly 2 years. We had the disc "in stock" for less than 2 hours at one point, at every other point we have sold them faster than they could arrive to our warehouse.

I'm delighted to be wrong about how long our first order would last, but selling so quickly has been a challenge for us and frustrating for you. Hello Period Co is doing their best to rush production so that everyone who wants a Hello Disc™️ can get one in the coming months without a pre-order. 

Thank you to all of our customers for making this product a smash success. Your reviews, comments, and emails have all been read and so many of them are saved in a special keepsake folder. I love reading them all and seeing the many ways Hello Disc™ is living up to its versatile design. It feels amazing to have an idea take concrete shape and the positive reviews have launched this product into the upper stratosphere of popularity for a new product. Period.Shop has invested no money into advertising - word of mouth was all it took. You did this - thank you!


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